Mobile Social Network

What does Mobile Social Network mean?

A mobile social network is a social network where people with common interests meet and converse using a mobile phone or a tablet. It is similar to Web-based social networks and also makes use of virtual communities, with the difference being in the device used. Mobile social networks make use of mobile messaging applications and are considered one of the best ways for providing a smoother user interaction and also for engaging users.

Introducing Mobile and Social

The Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social service acts as an intermediary between a user or client seeking to access protected resources, and the back-end Access Management and Identity Management services that protect the resources. Mobile and Social provides simplified client libraries that allow developers to quickly add feature-rich authentication, authorization, and identity capabilities to registered applications. On the back-end, the Mobile and Social server’s pluggable architecture lets system administrators customize identity and access management services without updating the user’s client software or mobile applications. Mobile and Social provides two

Understanding Mobile Services

Mobile Services connect applications running on client devices to the security services and products available in the Oracle Identity Access Management product suite. In addition, User Profile Services is a Mobile Services feature that connects client applications to many popular LDAP compliant directory servers. Mobile Services consists of the following components:

A server component that interfaces with your backend Identity Services infrastructure. The server acts as an intermediary between supported client applications (and the users using those applications) and your backend Identity services. This arrangement decouples the client applications from the backend infrastructure so that you can modify your backend infrastructure without having to update your client programs